Chevy Bubble

Chevy Bubble
Chevy Bubble

Big boy Bubble sitting up on those 26 inches and a hard dog house chrome grille. He didn’t over do it with the ride just a touch of chrome, and the base in the truck to let em know hes coming. More hot pimped-out rides┬árides to come fresh from the streets!

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  1. laquan henderson says:


  2. Jake says:

    dam that car is hard is hell how much would you sell it for.

  3. jimbolean says:

    halla bak man….i got one just like ur’s caprice classice my is 91 c.c….foros tejas,funky town 81G

  4. greg says:

    nice ride!!
    What kind of lift kit are you using?

  5. terete says:

    i have a 1994 chvy caprice w/lt1 motor and its on 20’in wheels wntd 2 no what steps i nd to tk to upgrade wheels to 26’s ant info would b helpful such as lift kits,etc…

  6. twinky says:

    dddddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn it is bad azz but the color makes me sick

  7. Devonte Gooden says:

    dis hoe clean den ah bitch!!

  8. Now this is a nice clean car, I love donks, and bubbles and where Im from most people hate them because there a bunch of racist rednecks but not me I believe where all the same and the cars dont know whos driving them so why should people car. And im so tired of my friends making fun of me because I like these cars, im tired of the stupid racist shit its done got old fast.

  9. lena says:

    let me get the car

  10. robert says:

    that bitch nice

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