Chevy Impala SS

Impala SS

Impala SS

Chevy Impala SS rolling on them 22″ custom wheels. I was loving the color of this ride, so I got quite a few photos.   Although it was almost too much orange for most of us in the pimped-out car scene, this ride was ready for the streets. The interior was well above what I expected, note the tv’s in the sun visors, the game console under the cars dash, and the custom chrome steering wheel.


Custom Impala Interior is bangin!

Custom Impala Interior is bangin!


Another shot of the car and sexy lady


Seeing what kinda booming system in the trunk

Seeing what kinda booming system in the trunk

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  1. Jake says:

    wuzup I like tha car and that girl.

  2. julz says:

    that bubble clean but ain’t no impala thou. it a clone, possibly x-police car

  3. twinky says:

    i agree the girl is priceless but not the car if u own the girl then u lucky

  4. Big J says:

    That’s a Caprice bruh. Chrome wheel well trim, bench seat, chrome on the trunk, chrome rocker panels, chrome door handles, caprice door panels, chrome trim on the side of the body = Caprice

  5. lasondra says:

    you go girlllll!!!! THAT’S HOTTTTTT!!!!!

  6. ryan says:

    dats gucci

  7. L REALA says:

    DAMN!!!!! ma dats yo wip know i got to get wit ya leave me wit yo numba or sum

  8. ergsfgfgsfg says:

    no an impala ss the shifter is not supposed to be by the steering wheel

  9. rj says:

    Who customized your ride?

  10. ladarin from longviwe tx says:

    damn the car is nice

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