Pac-man themed Chevy Caprice

Pac-man theme bubble chevy

Pac-man theme bubble chevy

He said game over! Bring out the Pac-man themed bubble, Mr Pac-Man’s ride was a breath of fresh air from all the candy themed rides. I caught up with him down at Myrtle Beach on the strip and later at the gas station to peep how Mr. Pac-Man pimped out the inside of the ride. The custom rims with just enough room for pac-man on the dust guards to show was a nice touch to the car.

Mr. Pac-man really pimped-out the interior on this one!

Mr. Pac-man really pimped-out the interior on this one!


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  1. laquan henderson says:


  2. Alexis says:

    Nice care mane.! :^)

  3. greg says:

    Nice pacman ride!!!
    How long did it take to get it set-up?
    Any websites you recommend that I can see different paint schemes, rims, and whatnot?

  4. man s=diz iz da first mr pac man car dat i have ever seen where mrs pac man at

  5. man diz iz da first mr pac man car dat i have ever seen where mrs pac man at

  6. Tyesha says:

    That is a very pretty car i want a car that looks like that but except i want my neck name Bubbles on it in blue..

  7. Apzzy says:

    That Pac man car is tite. you can get alot of hoes in that

  8. twinky says:

    da car is bad azz i luv game pac man

  9. mr> perfect says:

    ur car is fresh to death!!!!!!

  10. Vj Holmes says:

    now dis is a true SLAB

  11. elbo says:

    damn dat bitch hard bruh

  12. L REALA says:

    im feelin the colors on that wip but u should let it sit higher next time i would

  13. pacman says:

    how much you want for it?

  14. C says:

    This was at Black Bike Week in 2009 or 2010. Hot car

  15. Avonarna says:

    Yo da Orange Impala SS in off da chain luvin da orange and everything about it. Dats my favorite so i wldnt have it no otha way. Perfect pick in color i wld luv to drive or roll up in dat yes sird. Holla 1.

  16. princess says:

    this shid go hard

  17. ss-or-nuthin says:

    that car is hideous ive never seen more of a disgrace to a chevy in my life

  18. ladarin from longviwe tx says:

    can i play

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